• Migrated from Bootstrap to Foundation, mainly to get rid of the baggage taken on since this Bootstrap theme was ported from a Jekyll theme originally...lots of excess


  • Added an official changelog, but most other changes can be found in the git commit log


  • Replaced Negroni/Gorilla-Mux combination with Goji, which comes along with the handy (but difficult to grasp for me) web.Context feature, replacing my old GuardPath pseudo-middleware.


  • Replaced goji.Serve() call with my own replicant, to fully use my custom logger middleware.
  • Added a /big/ route that uses gifsicle (after finding ImageMagick loves memory) to embiggen gifs
    • Haven't made this publicly linked on any pages yet, as I want to possibly set the embiggened gifs up to be automatically resized in a goroutine after uploading to save on resources


  • Sanitized all private info for public release I hope
  • Config file integration!
    • conf.json in the same dir as the binary is parsed for all necessary info to get the app up and running on other domains
  • Foregone golang-assisted sanitizing or HTML escaping for pastes in favor of simple strings.replace() functions
    • Every sanitize feature I could find demanded escaping all '<', and '>', which makes the pastebin useless for simple bash scripts :(
    • This is very basic and likely easy to work around, as I am only turning '